Flame Blue, Guaranteed Chic, and Royale Material.

So this week I finally finished the fashion for Flame Blue Vanessa! As I mentioned before, I don't have this doll because she is so high priced in 2nd market now.... Fortunately there are some very clear photos on Flickr, so I can draw the earrings and bracelet without problem. The embroidery on the skirt is another hard work, but I'm satisfied with the results. There are some changes I did to make her more redressable:
  1. I added a necklace to complete the look. Necklace can make a
  2. I put the curls of hair on the other side, so she can wear wigs like others.
  3. Need to give up the veil. think about it, how can I draw a mesh veil and make it suitable for different paper dolls?
By the way, I forgot the little blue purse....

And the fashions for Guaranteed Chic and Royale Material were also completed.They are both wonderful fashions produced in 2006, very beautiful and well made.  I especially spent much time on Guaranteed Chic, because there are more details on the skirt and vest.

Here are the bigger pictures for them. You can see their facial screens are different from AFL Vanessa. So those 2 proto dolls will come with the fashions in my paper doll book.

Thanks for all who left comments in my blog. I don't have much time response all, but I did read them and felt appreciated ! thanks!

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