Free Download~ Momoko Paper Dolls(4)

Title: Momoko Paper Dolls (4)
Model: Cosmos Sweetheart Momoko
Tool: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
Done: 2010

This is the last one page, enjoy it!

To Download this paper doll:
1.click the image link below, the big image will be pop up.
2.save the big image to your computer, then print it out.

Important Notice:
The paper dolls are offered for personal use only. You can share this link with your friends, print it repeatedly as you like, but commercial uses are inhibited


  1. I love this one, her hair is so pretty.

  2. hello, i am amy from malaysia. paper doll is one of my favourite.but now it seem difficult to find paper doll in my hometown.i would lke to say thank you so much for this amazing staff.now, i can start my collection.