Repaint Practice No.4 My Scene Barbie

The first time I tried to repaint is 6 years ago. But the results were terrible(I will show you later), so I didn't continue. Another reason is, I focused on my paper doll creations at that time. Since my clingy son doesn't let me using computer (he will cry when I sit in front of computer), I will try more on repaint.

The bad thing is, I can't find all my acrylic colors, only 4 colors left. I ordered some from online shop, but it will take several days. So I decided to see what I can do with these 4 colors.

My model is a My Scene Barbie, which is my daughter's toy. By the way, she is "mother" when we are playing house.

My Scene Barbie has a big face so it's much easier to repaint.

My daughter likes this repaint, but I will remove it since I need models to practice.

I will call her No.4, since she is my 4th repaint.

This is No.1, which was made in 2006.

Then I removed it and repaint it as No.2.

And this is No.3.

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