Tiny Ann Estelle Paper Dolls

The Tiny Ann Estelle Paper Dolls are based on the ones I made for Haute Doll in 2010. A friend would like to buy a copy of them, so I decided to re-edit and get it published. I retouched many parts, such like proportion and details. I also added "support tabs" to help the fashions or hats staying on the right places. Betsy McCall paper dolls will be announced later, they can share clothes with others. For preordering, please e-mail me with the following information:

1. Full name.
2. Name of the paperdoll you want to order and quantity
3. Paypal account. (I only take payment through Paypal)
4. Shipping Address and telephone number.

I will send you a invoice when the paper dolls are ready to ship. No deposit requested but please don't cancel your orders unless you have really serious reasons. Estimated shipping date is late December. Shipping cost will be counted when I get samples, it might be less than $5 for 1set.

# Tiny Ann Estelle Paper Doll Collection 1
# Size: A4 ( 21cmx 29.7cm)
# Book form, content includes 4 sheets
# print on 210P coated paper
# Price: $20
# Ship to Worldwide
# Watermarks won't be shown on the finished products.
# The detail and color might be slightly different from what you see here. 

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