Previews- FDQ Vanessa paper dolls (updated)

I did some adjustments on FDQ Vanessa Paper dolls, and add 1 extra fashion "Toast of Paris" into this set. So here is the progress of my new collection:

1. Vanessa Paper doll (90%)
2. One Fashion set for Poesie Vanessa (90%)
3. Two Fashion sets for AFL Vanessa (40%)
4. Annz Paper dolls - re-edited version (100%)

Next week I will start to make these 2 fashion sets for AFL Vanessa. The whole collection is supposed to finished in June or July. If you want to get a notification when the preordering is started, please leave me a message with your email. The previous collection(AFL Vanessa, Ann& Betsy, Isha) can be ordered in the same time, only in sheets form.

This is closeup of 2 Vanessa dolls, with loose hair and updo.

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